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Previous Sales

Dazzling Downtown

Charisma in Kachina Hills

Stunning in Santa Fe

Vibrant in the Valley

Appealing Academy Acres

Bernalillo Bound

Captivating in Corrales

Enthralling on Este Lane

Stunning Sandia Heights

Fabulous Four Hills

Westside Wonder

A Vision in Ventana

Willow Bend Bounty

Spiffy in Cedar Canyon

Sparkling in Santa Fe

Literary & Lavish in Los Ranchos

Stellar Santa Fe

Gorgeous Off Guadalupe Trail

Embudo Canyon Enchantment

Bear Canyon Beauty

Four Hills Fantasy

A Desert Oasis

A Landmark in the North Valley

Fall Furniture Fiesta

Corrales Charm

Tanoan Temptation

Quintessential on Quail Springs

Engaging in Eagle Point

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